EP: One Day I'll Be King

by Rowan J Edwards

Released 2014
Released 2014
Basically rock, easy listening and each track is different.
A young singer/songwriter from rural Queensland (Australia) who has written of his life experiences in this CD.
Track 1 is about being rejected by a national talent show and decided to do it the old way.
Track 2 is an experiment in funky up tempo rock.
Track 3 is a ballad style song written about a friend.
Track 4 is about life's experiences, good and bad.
Track 5 is about the hard years in High School, the bullying and constant put downs because of the love of music.
Track 6 started as blue's, turned into rockabilly, and went from there, the lyrics say it all and is why it is called the "Finisher".
Recorded in a local studio (Phantom Studio in Nanango Qld) and backing provided by a local 3 piece rock band (the amazing and incredible "Mr Q")

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